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Designed for your continuous evolving needs.

Configurability is core to our platform that tremendously improves user engagement.


Highly configurable and quick to start

Visually analyze machine data by quickly deploying custom dashboards & interactive reports with our easy drag-and-drop builder. Use a wide variety of charts, widgets, pivot tables and tabular view components to create insightful reports and dashboards that meet your needs.

Our platform runs on customer’s choice of infrastructure to comply with security and IT Policies, be it on-premise, public or private cloud and yet provides consistent user experience irrespective of the underlying infrastructure.

Flexible Deployment Options

Extensible Platform

Comes with custom KPI builder, a robust set of APIs and rule based alert workflows that enable elaborate customization and highly extensible low-code integration with any technology stack and modern 3rd party software. Publish machine data and calculated metrics data along with other platform data from our platform directly into  AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or any other cloud, IoT Platform and enterprise application.

Our enterprise-grade security features ensure continuous data management, auditability and data stewardship. Data communication and user access are secured through SSL encryption and Token based authentication mechanism.

Security and Governance

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